Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello 09s71,

Our econs blog has collected a thick layer of virtual dust... so time from some updates!
*blows off dust*

Anyway since a lot of you dont want to print these with the class fund, I have uploaded your presentations below:






Your econs rep

Monday, November 09, 2009

hello! this is on request! :P
the picture says it all :D our class is so bonded :D

Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm really tempted to spell photos as phoetoes, I wonder why.
Well anyway, here are some photos me and uyen tried to take during PW last tuesday (27/10) to add some colour to our not particularly phoetoe-filled blog.

an unlikely congregation of people..

oh, we blew our cover -.-

hockxiang, why so flustered when you see the camera?!

I think jingxi's trying really hard to open his eyes and stare at the computer screen...

and else do we have here?!

Oh my, a sleeping chang junning!

Why does everyone look so sian T.T

Guess who else fell asleep! Haha!

Love, Nat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



here are some updates on the beach class outing on 13th nov, friday!!

everyone must come arhh!!

firstly, we need to choose a beach....

1. if we choose sentosa, we will have a nice beach :D but we need to waste 3bucks on admission ticket, which could have been better spent on... food? cycling? idk.

2. if we choose east coast.... its free to go...yep, but not so nice beach laa. plus its still on singapore island.

3. if we choose west coast... its free too :D but no nice beach... but got BIG AND NICE PLAYGROUND! Wooo~

so please vote n voice ur opinions :D

now... for the FOOD!!! which we will need volunteers and ppl to help do.. its sort of like a pot luck, so ppl, can help volunteer to bring/buy/make :D
we will have:
1) 1.5litre drinks x10 (hopefully like 2 MALES in our class would like volunteer for this job? come and put your bisceps into good use :D)
2) ICE(1kg pack) + ICEBOX x5 (guys oso.. pls volunteer to bring.... its so heavy la...)
2) beehoon x2 (junning), fried rice(bojia)
3) Popsicle, almond jelly(natalie)
5) finger food: seaweed chicken, nuggets, hash brown, popcorn chicken..etc. ( we need some volunteers to help fry and bring them)
6) sandwiches(ham, egg mayo, etc) (some girls can volunteer to do this :D)
7) popcorn, chips x5 big pack (uyen and phuong)
8) potato salad+bacon bits and fruit salad! (someone who knows how to make this, can volunteer :D

oh and we will be celebrating nov/dec ppl's birthday :D at the beach! WHEEE
so... there will be cakes!!! (KRISTIE)

Miscellaneous... we need some volunteers to go buy and bring them too :D
1) plates, tissue, fork and spoon, cups + hand sanitiser? coz natalie say beach very dirty, need to clean ur hands before you eat. xD (volunteers to buy and bring pls :D)
2) beach mats (we need like quite alot, those who have pls volunteer and bring!)
3) camera, radio(optional) (volunteers pls)
4) someone early to go chope a good place with shade xD--> urh.. junde? HAHA

Everyone! BRINGGG
1) $$$ ard each person $10 for the foodies :D at least... if u want to cycle... etc... bring more :D
2) extra clothes
3) soccer ball, volleyball, rollerblades, kites, whatever you want to play

the programme....

should be from 10am-5pm? ard there...

-will be playing games! :D loads and loads of fun group games with prizes :D HAHA... details of the games... shall be a secret :D

-free time to play whatever you guys want... cycle, soccer volleyball, wadeva...

-eat eat eat :D

hahaa. thats basically the outline la. its gonna be fun, so pls come :D and pls volunteer for the jobs listed above :D no interview is required xD pls give any suggestion of food u wanna eat, games u wanna play, anything :D

so lets make this class outing a really successful one :D our one and only successful class outing before the sch term ends. >< <3333junning(:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

09S71 ON ICE*


plans for:
09S71 ON ICE*
are starting to materialize!

The current only available place to skate is at Kallang Ice World, Leisure Park Kallang.
The rates are $17.50 for 2 hours, including rental of skates.
For every additional hour, it will cost $5.
I've asked about group packages and apparently they don't have any. -.-
So, are you guys in for this, after OP?
I'm suggesting that we go on 13 Nov. (fri)
The ring opens at 10am, so we should go as early as possible, then probably skate till 12 or 1 then have lunch together!
We could have other plans after that! Maybe catch a movie, go kbox, or lan..

Well, anw! Do reply to this post and give your suggestions!
Thankyou very much! =D

Anw, that aside, I hope that the promo exam has been a learning experience that we all benefited from, no matter what the results are. What's done has been done, results can't be changed, but it doesn't mean your efforts have been in vain if you didn't scored well. Remember, as much as it's of great importance, it's only promos. Whatever problems you face now, take heart, because there are yet to be greater problems to encounter. Do know that the slope's getting steeper, but don't forget that you're getting better, you just need to get better, faster.
God Bless y'all. =)

Love, Nat.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


hello all earthlings!

this is my first post here... hahaa.. just feeling random, so i shall blog to keep this class blog alive... xD

as you all know... promos is in... 2 days(including today)

so jus wanna say JIAYOU TO ALL OF YOU :DD

work hard so tt we can play hard later ((:

jus try and do our best and we'll get the best ((:

have confidence in yourself coz u studied! (as for guys with too big ego.. can try cutting down on some.. =.=)

sleep well. drink more water. dun burn midnight oil the day before, coz its baddddd T.T

so good luck all the best :DDDD

on a side note.... promos is ending in.... 7 more days... including today...
so all our misery will be over soooooon... :D just get it over and done with :D

and just to entertain ppl.........
some lame pictures frm my phone:D
got too bored while studying..xD

power ranger gummy bears standing at attention! :D

woo. and check out the replica of the himalayan rabbit from our dearest, thickest GBV notes. ( bojia's type of rabbit ^^)
if you ever got too bored of the notes(like me) and start taking notice of the poor rabbit in the notes... u can see that the rabbit isnt too hapy about having an ice pack placed on its back in the name of science.... hahaaa. it has the sian look. from the first pic to the third pic in the notes, the expression change from sian to sian-er to sian-est. look carefully at its eyes. u can literally see it staring at the ice bag in annoyance. poor rabbit xD

maybe we should have a class rabbit too :D preferbly a himalayan rabbit. then we can place ice pack and torture the rabbit. so tt it will grow a black patch of fur XD

oh yea. and more video entertainments. if you are bored of studying... you know. sometimes we just need a little something to... erm rejuvinate( issit spelt like tt??) our friend brain cells :D

charlie the unicorn2 :D

its really hilarious and lame. jus watch it if you haven.. :DD oooh. and the bannana song is very "inspiring" xD seriously. so if you are on the verge of like... going crazy due to studying, try putting a bannana into your favourite ear :D

THE GUMMY BEAR SONG :D you can try singing along and doing its crazy shake butt moves if you feel you need some exercise.. coz u sat down, ate alot and study too much :D

<333 junning

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Holiday Lesson

Heyy peeps!

Don't forget about
from 9-10
at A304
on 7 Sept (Monday)!

Finish up and bring your tutorial 12c (AD-AS)! ^^